2014: The year of the shrinking QDR?

This year's Quadrennial Defense Review may be smaller and less comprehensive than previous rounds of the congressionally mandated look at the Pentagon's role in the world.

Remember, the Pentagon is already in the midst of preparing a brand new Strategic Choices Management Review -- ordered by new Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel -- aimed at defining the Defense Department's priorities amid fiscal uncertainty and its shift to the Pacific. That document is meant to serve as a foundation for the QDR. Because of this, the next iteration of the QDR, due to be sent to Congress in early 2014, might be slimmed down.

"If I were guessing I'll bet the final QDR is going to be smaller perhaps than in the past," said Marine Corps' Maj. Gen. Frank McKenzie, the service's representative to the QDR planning process during a breakfast with reporters in Washington this morning. "I think there is a strong degree of support for a smaller process" that will build on the work of the current strategic review instead of duplicating it. 

Pentagon staff will "do the Strategic Choices process over the next 60 days, frame some issues, and that will give them an opportunity" to figure out how to develop this years'  QDR, said the two-star. The Strategic Choices review is supposed

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