ISAF’s morning snapshot of the Afghanistan war

Officials in Kabul provided an interesting moment-in-time glimpse of the Afghanistan war today with concurrent press releases from the International Security Assistance Force.
ISAF first boasted in a news release to reporters that three kandaks, or Afghan brigades, had completed “clearing operations” in Helmand province for one week in November.
The accomplishment: the Afghan National Army was able to sustain them logistically all by themselves. Even when the Afghans took casualties, they did not request evacuation assistance from ISAF.
“The clearing operation highlights the 215th Corps’ ability to deploy kandaks as part of an operation and sustain them logistically for a week,” the ISAF statement said.
Three brigades, inside their own country, for one week.
Minutes later, ISAF released a statement condemning yet another insurgent bombing the command said killed and injured “several” Afghan civilians, this time in Uruzgan province.
Brig. Gen. Günter Katz, an ISAF spokesman, lamented that “the insurgency has continued its murderous assault on Afghan civilians.”

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images