Attorney General Jeh Johnson?

Could Jeh Johnson be the next attorney general?

According to one senior administration official, "He's on anybody's short list."

The Pentagon's top lawyer since 2009 and an early supporter of President Obama appeared in a rare television interview this week with the BBC, where he was pressed to defend drone strikes. The E-Ring's eyebrows were raised when the first inquiry we made about Johnson's future with the administration quickly returned this bold suggestion.

"Folks at the Pentagon would love to see him stick around, but they also realize that he might be tapped for any number of roles in the second term.  He's on anybody's short list for attorney general, for starters," a senior administration official told the E-Ring. "The sky is basically the limit for someone with his experience and reputation. He's the consummate straight shooter and everyone loves working with -- and for -- him. That's not exactly a mix of skills and traits that a lot of people have in Washington these days."

Around the Pentagon, Johnson is known as a cool customer; an official who engages the media with straight talk while maintaining a just-under-the-skin lawyerly sense. He is a virtual legend in the building by now, having steered the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Johnson previously was a foreign policy advisor to the Obama campaign in 2008, as well as an advisor to John Kerry in 2004. He has served as general counsel of the Air Force, as well.